Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lifetime a reverse mortgage? NO!

No. Lifetime is NOT a reverse mortgage or a forward mortgage owed to lenders. Lifetime owes you, and your home equity is your collateral to guarantee that Lifetime fully performs on your behalf.

How does Lifetime work?

You continue to own your “Life Estate”. This is the rights to your home occupancy for the rest of your life. Such rights include occupying, leaving your home vacant, and all the rental income, as you desire. The value of your life estate is essentially equal to the value of living rent-free in your house for the rest of your life.

A “Remainder” is what is left when your Life Estate expires at your death. The Remainder is the inheritance right to your home, and has a growing cash value from which you can draw cash, or leave to your heirs, as you desire.

How old and safe are Life Estate / Remainders?

Life Estates / Remainders are 800 years old. They have been used to finance retirement in France for over 350 years, in the U.K. commercially since 1965, and in the U.S. Tax law for charitable gifts for 100 years.

Will I still own my home?

Yes. A Trust that you own and control is set up by Lifetime, and your title is transferred into your Trust. The IRS treats it as if you have sold your home title to yourself and ignores all transactions. You continue to control your Home Equity that now resides in your Trust.

Is there any risk of losing my home?
What if Lifetime fails to make a payment?

If such an event is not timely cured, your Trustee may return your home ownership to your personal possession, if you choose. You may also choose to leave your title in your trust to maintain your property tax exemption, and protection against creditors and litigation.

What happens if I die early?
What happens if I live for a long time?
Can I move to an Assisted Living facility
Is early exit "Walk Away" money guaranteed?
Is an Inheritance guaranteed, if I desire?
What does Lifetime cost to apply?
What is the sales process?

The sale-process includes five distinct steps:

  1. A trained sales agent explains Lifetime in person.
  2. If you wish to proceed, you will authorize a home-inspection.
  3. If your home qualifies, Lifetime will sign and guarantee the Life Estate Agreement for two weeks.
  4. A Checker will ask 24 written questions with you and a family member, friend or other witness.
  5. Until you sign the deed, you may freely cancel the application.
What must I do to participate?

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