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Senior Home Equity Access
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Demographics is destiny. The retirement of the Baby Boomer generation is in full bloom and quickly blossoming out of control. The financial and social effects to their families, the younger generations and the entire social fabric is daunting. By 2030, nearly a quarter of the population will be over age 70, and more than a third will experience some form of dementia requiring in-home care or assisted living.

For over a generation, the concept of ‘aging-in-place’ was the mantra, and the financial options for these homeowners is hopelessly out-of-date and does not properly address their concerns.

Aging finance issues increasingly involve tradeoffs of big-ticket housing expenses, expensive health costs, and inheritance. Flexibility is now the key. ‘Aging with Peace of Mind’ might be closer to today’s reality.

Reverse mortgages, home equity loans and equity share options dominate the market space and are fighting to maintain their brand in this entrenched, but evolving, industry. However, as ‘cash only’ plans, homeowners are faced with constraints and tradeoffs on residency, rentals, home maintenance and inheritance. Aging homeowners need more than cash. They need a real estate program that takes care of the home for life, allows for rentals, long-term moves, guaranteed inheritance and ‘walk away’ options.

The Times They Are a-Changin’.

Prescient academics1 see the raw material for this solution and have been discussing the 800-year-old actuarial and real estate concept. Splitting property ownership between the ‘life estate’ current occupancy rights and the ‘remainder’ current ownership rights to inherit goes back to the Magna Carta. They have been used to finance retirement in France for over 350 years2, in the U.K. commercially since 1965, and in the U.S. Tax law for charitable gifts for 100 years.

Life estate plans have been used as wealth transfer programs for the high-net worth for many decades, and if properly restructured, can be brought to the audience of senior homeowners in need. At the forefront of this demographic imperative is Lifetime Security Plan3.

With Lifetime, homeowners over age 70 can invest in the value of their home inheritance. The inheritance value grows with age and home market price.

  • Homeowners receive tax-free HOME SHARES in their growing inheritance value.
  • The price-per-share of HOME SHARES for homeowners that join is always available.
  • HOME SHARES can be redeemed for tax-free cash at any time.
  • Unused HOME SHARES can be given to the heirs.

Lifetime also pays big-ticket housing expenses such as roof, exterior paint, real estate taxes, insurance, and more. Homeowners can stay for life or move, and Lifetime will rent the home for additional income if they prefer. Inheritance for the Heirs and early ‘walk away’ money is guaranteed and continuously configurable. Consumer protections are paramount, and unexpected early deaths can be controlled at the preference of the homeowners and their heirs.

For senior homeowners, it may offer the

‘Ultimate in Peace of Mind’.


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1 Robert Shiller, Robert Morton, CalPERS, Pacific Life
2 Jeanne Calment

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